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Variable Speed Drive

Selling variable speed drives at cheap prices

Variable speed drive is an electronic component that is widely used in various industrial applications. The variable speed drive is also known as an inverter and plays an important role in regulating the frequency and voltage to get the desired motor rotation speed and torque or as needed. A variable speed drive or inverter can change the frequency to be smaller or larger by changing the AC voltage to DC voltage and then made into AC voltage again with different or adjustable frequencies.

Variable speed drive prices vary depending on specifications. Its use is common in Indonesia. Motor speed regulator with an inverter will get many advantages, including:
 - Wide range of settings for motor speed and torque.
 - Has adjustable acceleration and deceleration.
 - Simplifying the process of monitoring / checking.
 - Good motor protection system.
 - Reduces starting motor currents and saves electricity energy usage.
 - Refine motor start etc.
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